Analog Meter Relays from Beede Electrical Instrument Co

Analog Meter Relays / Analog Controllers - Beede has a full line of optical meter relays that can be driven by virtually any source. They feature solid state, optical non-contacting infrared sensing that is immune to outside light. Different setpoint controls, case styles and sizes are available to fit your application. Special space saver Meter relays are designed to reduce the amount of panel space needed by separating the relay electronics from the meter.

For over 50 years, Beede has been the recognized leader in highly dependable, long-term performance meter relays. Meter relays with style, performance, versatility and fast delivery.  Compare our meter relay quality and pricing to others, and you will select Beede Meter Relays.

Control Meter Relay - How do they work?

Beede Analog Meter Relays - Style, Performance and Versatility.

Which Analog Meter Relay to Order?

Two models:

  • The Beede MR2, which is characterized by a centrally located, dual concentric, setpoint control knob assembly and full view set pointers.
  • The Beede MR4, which is characterized by offset control knobs with gear driven set pointers neatly recessed behind the dial for more accurate set point positioning.

Two cases:

  • The Centurion with molded high impact Norl resin (N-190) case and glass window for tough environments.
  • The QA with a clear Lexan front for where the environment is friendlier

MR2 and MR4 Mechanical Specifications

MR2 and MR4 Space Saver

Both meters come in 3 and 4 inch and both have optical, non-contacting set points with continuous indication. The solid state optics are completely immune to light. They come as a complete unit with integral power supply and relays or as a meter with set pointers and optical switching elements only. The IRLED light sources are solid state for long life. The setpoint control knobs are designed for rough handling.

Both have a coincidence within 1% of full scale over the operating span, and indication accuracy of 2% of full scale, 1% optional. Deadband of 0.5%. Ambient temperature range of -20ºF to +165ºF.

Silver cadmium oxide, gold finished contacts are rated 5 amps A.C. resistive @ 115 to 230 VAC.

Isolation voltage is 1500 VRMS, rear terminals to panel.

Power requirements are 115/230 VAC @ 47 to 63 Hz with power consumption at 5 watts max. 12 to 24 VDC is optional.

Standard relay operating logic for all Beede controllers is "Failsafe Mode".

How to order Beede Analog Meter Relays

For fast delivery of our most popular models in quantities of 25 or less per order, contact Mod-Tronic Instruments Limited.