Analog Panel Meters from Beede Electrical Instrument Co

Analog Panel Meters from Beede Electrical Instrument Co are the most reliable meters in the industry.  Beede has over 80 years experience in the design and manufacture of Panel Meters.  The Beede name stands for quality, reliability and durability.

Custom Analog Panel Meters are our specialty. The majority of Panel Meters we make have someone else's name on the dial. Besides the large variety of basic meter styles we offer, there are many ways to customize meters to fit your specific needs. Units of measurement, pointers, scales, ranges, special mountings and many other factors can be changed to suit your needs. With in-house tooling production, CAD design, and printing, we can economically deliver the custom meters you need, in large volumes or small.

Beede has a wide variety of standard Analog Panel Meters and Movements. Each movement has specific advantages for different applications. This variety helps you find the ideal balance between precision, durability and economy.


Analog Panel Meters - Styles

Once you've picked a movement, choose from among the many case styles listed below.  We've grouped the meters by style and then by size within the group, click on a style to see the detail. The different model numbers within the style groups identify different sizes and mounting configurations.

           Beede Electrical Instrument Co - Panel Meters

Although there are many dimensions identified on the mechanical drawings, you'll find that the basic size dimensions are consistently labeled as follows.

A = Visible height
B = Width
C = Depth of movement barrel
D = Diameter of movement barrel
E = Connecting terminal depth
C + E = total depth of meter

While the movement makes it work, it's the case that everyone sees. Beede offers you a wide variety of cases and customization options to make the meter your application requires. Consider these styles a starting point on which you can base your own style. Customize the face, pointer, scale, colors, precision, or whatever else you want. We'll make the meter you want in the volume you want it. Beede Panel Meters are designed to meet the requirements of ANSI C39.1-1981.

The Beede Edgewise Series Analog Panel Meters

The Beede Edgewise Series Panel Meters are the ideal solution where space is limited. Beede's unique design gives you maximum readability through a high scale length/panel area ratio. A dual edgewise configuration is available for space-limited applications where 2 meters are needed.

  • Mount horizontally or vertically
  • Impact and heat resistant plastic front and base.
  • Available in 3 sizes and Dual

* E15
* E25
* SE25
* E25D

Beede QA Series Analog Panel Meters

The Beede QA Series Panel Meters are one of our most popular lines - with good reason, The rectangular shape and classic design make this meter very easy to read. the long scale length in relation to its size further increases visibility. The QA is a very flexible meter. It comes in three different mounting configurations, surface, window and bezel, and in four popular sizes. Both pivot and jewel and taut-band movements can be used in the QA. For durability these meters are housed in a protective acrylic case.

Every Beede meter is carefully hand calibrated to insure accuracy. Custom made test equipment developed by Beede engineers makes testing efficient. Statistical Process Control is used throughout Beede's two locations as a part of its World Class manufacturing effort. Maximum quality is the goal, every step of the way.

QA Series Mounting and size options:


Beede Designer Series Analog Panel Meters

The Beede Designer Series Panel Meters features a clean, sharp, distinctive style with a a concave window to prevent glare. The acrylic front and polystyrene base are both impact and heat resistant. The designer is ideal for displaying your logo, protected under the window.

Designer models.

* 01 and 04
* 02

Beede Centurion Series Analog Panel Meters

The Beede Centurion Series Panel Meters are clean, contemporary looking meter. Its durable, plastic construction resists rough handling, and the glass window keeps it static free. Centurions can be mounted in front of or behind the panel.

  • Illumination is available on 4 inch versions.

* Centurion Models

Beede Traditional Series Analog Panel Meters

The timeless look of the Beede Traditional Series Panel Meters will give your product a solid, quality appearance. Models 501, 310, 15, 16 and 458 have a phenolic case and models 811, 701 barrel and 701FL have a metal case. Both have a glass window. Dial angles of 90º or 100º are available on many of these styles. Beede's control over all facets of production is an important part of the Total Quality program. Equally important is the flexibility it gives us to produce custom Panel Meters.

The Beede Traditional Models

* 15
* 16
* 301 and 501
* 458
* 701 Barrel
* 701 Flange
* 811

Beede Clearview Series Analog Panel Meters

The Beede Clearview Series Panel Meters combines interesting looks with surprising economy. It is a surface mounted meter with 100º standard dial angle. The Clearview offers you four popular sizes with maximum visibility

* Clearview Models

Beede Panorama Series Analog Panel Meters

The economical Beede Panorama Series Panel Meters comes in three sizes with a plastic front and base. This wide, panoramic meter provides excellent visibility with a unique style. With all that dial space visible, it offers plenty of room for custom graphics.

* Panorama Models

Beede Universal Series Analog Panel Meters

The Universal Series Panel Meters are the biggest, most visible meter in the Beede Roster. You can easily read this meter from the fifteen feet away, making it excellent for control room applications. The Universal comes with a plastic front and base in 6" and 8" widths. You'll have plenty of room for graphics and custom dials with the Universal.

* Universal Models

Beede 250º Series Analog Panel Meters

The Beede 250º Series Panel Meters come with the pivot and jewel movement for maximum reliability, even in harsh environments. The 2-58 and 3-58 models have a black plastic case and the 3-03-08, 3-07-8 and 6-07-8 models have a black metal case. All of the meters in this series have a glass window.

Available 250º models:

* 2-58 and 3-58
* 303
* 307
* 607

The Economy Series Analog Panel Meters

Something New
- The Economy Series Panel Meters, buyers and purchasing agents consider Beede a dependable source. A company that knows how to keep costs down.

*CA25 and CA35
* SB2 and SB3