Speed Switch and Speed Transmitter from Dynalco Controls

Dynalco Speed Switches and Transmitters are available in several versions including magnetic pickup powered. Some have proportional outputs for remote reading or powering external devices.

Speed Switch/Transmitter Comparison Chart

NEW!SW-100 Speed Switch

The SW-100 has a single setpoint for over/ underspeed protection. It mounts on a DIN rail and has a simple configuration - no test equipment or computer needed.


  • Accepts frequency input and controls a single relay (SPDT) for over/under speed trip
  • Relay configurable for non-latching or latching with external alarm override and reset
  • Relay contacts rated 5A @ 120/240VAC or 28VDC (resistive)
  • LED indicators for input signal and relay status
  • Calibrate with or without input signal
  • Signal input DIP switch selectable to accept switch contacts, mag pickups, CMOS or TTL circuits
  • 9-32VDC or 85-250VAC power supply
  • 0.1Hz - 25KHz operating frequency range
  • Accuracy 0.1% for setpoints

NEW! SWT-1000 / SWTD-1000 Speed Switch/Transmitter with Optional Display

The SWT-1000 and SWTD-1000 have a Single relay setpoint for over speed protection and 4-20mA isolated output. Configurable via Windows? based software.


  • Converts frequency to an analog signal
  • Output configurable for 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC
  • 0Hz - 50kHz operating frequency range
  • Integrated backlit display (SWTD-1000)
  • 2 possible relay set-point configuration sets (A & B) for start up / run, controlled via binary inputs
  • Open pickup sensor warns against failed pickup
  • Plug in terminals for easy installation
  • Isolated signal input with automatic trigger level adjustment ensures accurate speed measurement
  • Open collector repeater output provides signal to external devices
  • Accuracy 0.05% for setpoints, 0.5% for analog signals
  • Fast response to over-speed conditions, 10.5ms typical
  • Adaptive input signal sensitivity provides high noise immunity
  • Integrated 2 or 3 wire sensor monitoring and system watchdog


NEW! SWT-2000 2 Channel Speed Switch/Transmitter

2 Speed switches in one. Monitor and protect two separate machines or provide redundant speed protection on one machine. Allows multiple setup configurations. DIN rail mounting.


  • 2 frequency + 2 binary inputs
  • 2 current (4-20 mA) outputs
  • 4 relay and 2 open collector outputs
  • Open pickup sensor
  • 4 parameter sets each with 6 set-points for almost limitless applications
  • x1, x2 or x4 repeater outputs
  • Fully isolated I/O
  • High accuracy speed measurement: 0.002% for set-points and 0.1% for analog signals
  • Programmable logical, diagnostic and measurement functions
  • Fast 8 ms reaction time on overspeed
  • Compatible with passive and active mag pickups
  • Plug in terminals
  • 18-36 VDC or 90-264 VAC power supply
  • Ethernet interface - configuration via Windows? software
  • 0Hz - 50kHz operating frequency range


SST-2000A and SST-2000H Series Speed Switch/Transmitter

SST-2000A and SST-2000H Series Speed Switches/Transmitters receive signal input from a passive or active magnetic pickup, shaft encoder, contact closure, flowmeter, etc., to provide proportional analog outputs and either 0, 2, or 4 relay trip setpoints.


  • The ultimate in Over/Under Speed Protection for your rotating equipment
  • The SST-2000A/H Series Speed Switch/Transmitter is available in six variations:
No. of Setpoints
Analog Outputs
3rd Party Certifications

2 Analog Ouptuts:
1) 0-1 mA Ouput
2) 4-20 mA Ouput or 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC (switch selectable)

CSA: General Certification LR 92270
ABS: type approval
CE: 89/336/EEC, Light Industrial
CE: 72/23/EEC, Low Voltage Directive
2 Analog Ouptuts:
1) 0-1 mA Ouput
2) 4-20 mA Ouput or 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC (switch selectable)
CSA: Class I, Div. 2, Grp. D, LR 45322*
CE: 89/336/EEC, Light Industrial
CE: 72/23/EEC, Low Voltage Directive
* Approval contingent upon housing an SST-2000H series device in a CSA-certified enclosure.

SW-200B Speed Switch

The SW-200B provides reliable engine overspeed protection. It has three adjustable relay setpoints: number one is overspeed. Uses for the two auxiliaries include crank disconnect, generator field-flashing, and speed monitoring. Setpoints are field-programmable and can be tested without overspeeding. Housing is gasketed and sealed.


  • over/under speed protection
  • crank disconnect
  • speed monitoring
  • transmitter
  • 3 relay setpoints


SW-50 Speed Switch

The SW-50 Speed Switch provides reliable engine overspeed protection and is fully field- programmable. The SW-50 Speed Switch has two relay setpoints: one overspeed plus one auxiliary for crank disconnect, generator field-flashing, or other alarm.


  • overspeed protection
  • alarm
  • 2 relay setpoints


F-16 Signal Generator/Counter/Calibrator

Used to calibrate tachometers, digital speed indicators, governors, counters, frequency meters. Measures signal frequency from magnetic pickups, pulsers, ac generators, shaft encoders. Eliminates the need for a frequency counter or an audio generator.