Infrared Temperature Sensors from EXERGEN

Exergen is a world leading manufacturer of Infrared Temperature Sensors. They hold the patent to the world’s only self powered IRt/c and they offer 300 models of sensors (including powered with full scale linearization).

IRt/c’s can be used to measure the temperature of moving objects and product temperature (free of contamination and without damaging the product) with a faster response time than ordinary contact sensors and with a longer lifetime! We are here to help you find solutions to your non-contact temperature measurement needs.


Infrared Sensors
1 Micro IRt/c Infrared Temperature Sensors
The world’s smallest Infrared Sensors. Self powered, with K t/c output. 1:2 or 4:1 field of view. Coming Soon... Smart Micro IRt/c sensors with linearized output!
2 IRt/c Infrared TemperatureSensors
Our original Infrared sensor. Self powered with J, K, T or E t/c output (depending on model). 1:1 to 100:1 field of view models.
3 Adjustable IRt/c Infrared Temperature Sensors
Calibrate these IRt/c’s to match a thermocouple in whatever temperature range you desire. Non-metals (HiE) and metals (LoE), 2:1 to 100:1 field of view models.
Infrared Sensor with Transmitter
4 Smart IRt/c Infrared Temperature Sensors
Fully linearized, compact and rugged. Precise accuracy over wide temperature ranges. 3:1 to 40:1 field of view.
Infrared Thermal Switches
5 Snake-Eye High Speed Infrared Thermal Switches
Non-Contact Infrared Thermal Detection, Quality Control / Inspection & Validation of Production Line Processes which require a thermal component.
6 DX-Series Handheld Precision Infrared Thermometers
The only certified acurate NIST traceable infrared temperature instruments in the world. Measure up to 1600 F!
7 D-Series Handheld Precision Infrared Thermometers
Designed specifically for the highest possible accuracy, certified to NIST-tracable accuracy on real surfaces of unknown emissivity.
8 E-Series Infrared Temperature Microscanners
For heavy duty switchgear scanning, the Micro E and Super E are the models of choice for electrical professionals.
9 Exertherm Infrared Sensing System
Continuous thermal monitoring for electrical switch gear. Small, low cost, accurate, non contact.