Exergen Adjustable IRt/c™ Infrared Temperature Sensors

Turbocharge Your Production Line With Exergen Adjustable IRt/c Technology!

Adjustable IRt/c's allow for the user to calibrate the IRt/c's to match a thermocouple in whatever temperature range they desire. The range adjustment screw is adjusted to calibrate for temperature range of interest and material properties (emissivity). Models for non-metals (HiE) and metals (LoE) are available.

Applications Where Adjustable IRt/c's Are Typically Used
? Extrusions
? Oven control
? Molten metals
? Small objects
? High temperature
? Low and varying emissivities

? User calibrated to match user specific t/c output and temperature range
? Provides choice of optimized temperature ranges
? Available in range of FOV
? Includes focused models to view targets through tight openings
? Choice in emissivity range to match target material
? Conventional t/c output signals available (J, K, R/S, etc.)

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