Exergen Infrared (IR) Scanners and Thermometers

The Only Certified Accurate NIST Traceable Infrared Temperature Instruments in the World. We have ten reasons why the performance of this handheld device is far superior than other infrared and contact devices of it's type.

1. No contact errors
2. No time based errors
3. No heat sinking errors
4. No friction heating errors
5. No emissivity shift errors
6. No preset emissivity errors
7. No user adjustments errors
8. RS232 option for data logging
9. 100 millisecond response time
10. No background reflection errors

Exergen Infrared (IR) Scanners Product Links
1 DX Series Infrared Scanners
The new DX-Series Hand Held Infrared (IR) Thermometer, a family of affordable, high-precision, emissivity-free infrared thermometers.
2 D-Series Infrared Scanners
The D-Series is an entirely different type of instrument than conventional temperature measuring devices. Designed specifically for the highest possible accuracy, it is the only infrared instrument which can be certified as to NIST-tracable accuracy on real surfaces of unknown emissivity, while completely free of contact errors and heat sinking errors of contact devices.
3 E-Series Microscanners
E-Series Microscanners for Switchgear and Electrical Equipment Scanning