Current Switches and Current Transformers From Love Controls

Current Switches, Current Transformers, from Love Controls, we have the product to meet your requirements.

CS Series Current Switches
The CS Series Current Switches combine a current transformer, signal conditioner and limit alarm into a single package. The CS Series has an extended current input range, universal solid-state outputs and a wide frequency response. Available in a split core or a solid core case. Switches feature LED indication for local display or switch status.
Series CT40/50 Current Transformers
Series CT40/50 combine current transformer and a signal conditioner into a single package. Transformers feature jumper selectable ranges and split core case. Units are designed for applications on linear or sinusoidal AC loads.

Series CT60/70 Current Transformers
Series CT60/70 Current Transformers provide true RMS output on distorted AC waveforms -- ideal for nonlinear loads or noisy environments. Each model offers three jumper selectable ranges and 1270 VAC isolation. Split core case allows easy installation.
Series LTTJ Current Transformers
Love Controls LTTJ Series Current Transformers allow easy monitoring of the current flowing to your load. This easy to use device provides a 0 to 10 VDC signal into both low and high impedance circuits, and is easily scalable to your needs.
Tell Tale Jr.™ Open Heater Detector
The Tell Tale Jr.™ Open Heater Detector is designed to indicate an open heater or other resistive load. Several models are available for various applications. The LED models light an LED when current is flowing in the circuit. If current stops flowing, the LED turns off. Solid state switch models provide either a logic output for DC applications or a triac output for AC applications.