Minco Products Overview



We are a MINCO stocking distributor, we have thousands of sensors and transmitters IN STOCK!
Minco designs and manufactures critical components for critical applications. Components that precisely fit your needs and deliver extremely high performance to ensure the highest level of reliability. Minco’s products have proven themselves in thousands of applications worldwide. Minco manufactures temperature sensors and transmitters, humidity sensors and transmitters, flexible heaters and flex-circuits with total cost of ownership (TCO) in mind to ensure ease of installation, the highest level of quality and reliability, compatibility to a variety of larger control systems and value-add opportunities for integration and assembly.

Temperature Sensors and Assemblies from Minco Products Inc.

  • Precision temperature measurement
  • RTD's in platinum, nickel, copper, and nickel-iron
  • Thermocouples
  • Transmitter assemblies for process control and HVAC/R
  • Flexible Thermal-Ribbon™ RTD's
  • Thousands of models in stock for immediate shipment
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Temperature Controllers and Transmitters from Minco Products Inc.

  • Heaterstat™ Sensorless Temperature Controller
  • PID and on/off microprocessor based Controllers
  • Miniature DC Controllers
  • 8 Channel monitors
  • Temptran™ Temperature Transmitters
  • Bi-metal Thermostats

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Flexible Heaters from Minco Products Inc.

  • Thermofoil™ etched-foil heating elements in Kapton®, Silicone rubber, and Mica
  • Wire element Silicone Rubber heaters
  • Transparent Thermal-Clear™ heaters
  • Combination heater / sensors
  • Over 1800 standard models plus custom design

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Humidity Transmitters from Minco Products Inc.

  • Wall/Duct/OSA mounting configurations
  • FM/CFM approved or Intrinsically safe models for use in hazardous locations
  • Accuracies of 1% or 2% RH
  • Temperature compensated
  • Temperature output option
  • Two-point field calibration
  • NIST traceable calibrations

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Flexible Circuits from Minco Products Inc.

  • Single layer, double layer, multilayer, and rigid-flex
  • Certified to MIL and IPC standards for aerospace and medical applications
  • Value added assembly of connectors, components, and pins

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