Chill-Out Low Temperature Cut-Out and Averaging Sensor

New solid state Chill-Out™ prevents low temperature damage

The new Chill-Out™ senses freezing temperatures within any 12 inch section along its length. It replaces fragile and difficult to install gas capillary tubes and their mechanical switches ("Freeze Stats"). Unlike the capillary tubes, this sensor can be installed horizontally or vertically or easily formed to fit any shaped system.

The sensor elements are available in a variety of styles including bendable aluminum tubing and ultra-flexible brass armor. The electronic shut off control can be mounted at the measuring point or within a central control box for convenient monitoring. An LED on the control box indicates a tripped condition, and a manual reset button allows the operator to quickly reinstate the system.

Standard models have a 41ºF set point with a DPDT relay; custom models can be ordered with any required trip point.

  • Two sensors in one easily installed package: a solid state low temperature cut-out ("Freeze Stat") and an averaging resistance temperature sensor.
  • Solid state design and rugged 3/8" diameter tubing eliminate concerns of gas leaks or kinking the capillary during installation.
  • Sensitive to low temperature within any 12" segment vs. a typical 18" segment in gas filled designs.
  • Mount in any direction -- horizontal installation is not required.
  • Easily formed aluminum or ultra flexible brass armor sensor case.
  • Relay and control circuitry self contained in rugged housing. Mounts on either side of enclosure with a locknut (included).
  • Failure detection feature -- relay changes state if power is lost
  • 4 to 20mA temperature loop output available with optional Temptran™


Switching temperature: 38°F factory pre-set, user adjustable from 30°F to 44°F.

Accuracy: ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) typical.

Power requirement: 24V AC or DC.

Relay contact: User specified
Standard relay, SPDT (2" x 4" utility box)
0.3 A at 125 VAC, Max. Voltage 125 VAC, or
1A at 30 VDC, Max. Voltage 110 VDC

Optional power relay: DPST (4" x 4" utility box)
25 A at 277 VAC
25 A at 120 VAC
1 HP at 120 VAC
2 HP at 277 VAC

Sensor case length: 10 feet standard, lengths up
to 50 feet available by special order.

Connection: AWG 18 leadwires.
How To Order
AS103759 Model number
PF Element Type:
PF = 1000 Ω RTD (0.00385 Platinum)
38 Switching Temperature: 38°F
Specify 30 to 44°F
N Relay reset option:
N = Non-latching (auto reset)
L = Latching (manual reset)
E = Latching (panel mounted reset)
Note: option ‘E’ requires enclosure ‘L’
10 Case Length: 10 feet
A Case type:
A = Aluminum
B = Brass
1 Relay Rating:
1 = 0.3A
2 = 25A, VAC powered controller/coil
3 = 25A, VDC powered controller/coil
Note: option 2 or 3 requires enclosure ‘L’
S Enclosure:
N = No enclosure
S = Standard utility box (2” x 4”)
L = Large utility box (4” x 4”)
W = Weatherproof utility box (2” x 4”)
AS103759PF38N10A1S = Sample part number


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