Thermofoil™ Etched-Foil Heaters from Minco Products

Thermofoil™ Etched-Foil Heaters

Photo etched element gives superior heat transfer for faster warmup and long life. Exceptionally uniform heat output;
optional profiling to eliminate temperature variations at edges.
  • Kapton (Polyimide) (200°C): Thin, lightweight, chemical resistant for
    medical, aerospace
  • Silicone rubber (235°C): High temperature rating for industrial use
  • All-Polyimide (260°C): 50% more power (80 watts per square inch) than standard Kapton heaters
  • Teflon PTFE (260°C): NEW! Ideal for caustic or corrosive chemicals applications
  • Mica (600°C): Intense heat to 110 watts per square inch (17 W / cm2)
  • Thermofoil Heater/Sensors (150°C): Low mass of an etched foil heater with an integral RTD or thermistor
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Wire Element Heaters

  • Thermal-Clear Transparent Heaters (120°C): For LCD's, windows, and other shine-through applications
  • Wire-Wound Rubber Heaters (220°C): Rugged design, uniform heat, economical in large sizes up to 72" long
  • View our complete MINCO stock list here.

Heater Assemblies

  • Heater/Sensor/Flex-Circuits: All-in-one design gives better control
  • Factory Mounted Subassemblies: Vulcanized or laminated heaters to mating parts for top performance
  • Expanded element heater assemblies: Economical heater/sensor/controller plates up to 22" x 72"
  • Temperature Controllers and Thermostats: Economical thermostats to full PID controls for heaters