Temperature Controllers and Thermostats for Flexible Heaters

Bi-Metal Thermostats

Thermostats provide basic heater control at little cost. You can also use them as thermal cutoffs in conjunction with other control systems.

All thermostats come with a 1.5" (38.1 mm) long, silicone rubber coated sleeve for electrical insulation (case is electrically live), and mounting adhesive.

These thermostats are ordered separately. For information on ordering heaters with factory installed thermostats contact us. View our complete MINCO stock list here.

Bi-metal Thermostats - See page 13


Heaterstat™ Sensorless DC Temperature Controller

  • Senses temperature feedback from Thermofoil or Thermal-Clear heating element
  • Precise control with no sensor
  • Compact solid-state package
  • Miniaturized PCB mount versions available
  • View our complete MINCO stock list here.
Heaterstat Sensorless DC Controller - See page 2

CT325 Miniature DC Temperature Controller

  • Simple setup with voltage output pins for process and setpoint temperatures
  • Tight control with ±0.5°C (1°F) deadband!
  • Miniature package 1×1×1.5" (25×25×37 mm)
  • Solid state on/off control with adjustable setpoint
  • Uses standard 100 ohm or 1000 ohm platinum RTD or 50 k_ thermistor sensor input
  • Single DC power source provides power to the controller and heater up to 240 watts
  • 3-wire RTD connection cancels lead resistance
  • View our complete MINCO stock list here.
CT325 Miniature DC Temperature Controllers - See page 6



1/16 DIN Temperature Controllers

  • Programmable PID control
  • Optional fuzzy logic
  • Universal sensor input: Platinum Pt100 RTD, nickel RTD, or thermocouple
    CT 15 Temperature Controllers
    CT16A Temperature Controller