Flexible Heaters from MINCO

Flexible Heaters from Minco Products
  • Flexible Heaters from Minco Products are simple to apply, yet capable of higher heat output than traditional metal-clad heaters
  • Minco Flexible Heaters are available in Silicone Rubber, Kapton (Polyimide), Polyester and Mica insulations
  • The flat design gives excellent heat transfer, long life, and uniform heat. Minco offers over 1,800 stock and standard models
  • For custom designs specify integral sensors, odd shapes, profiled heat output, and other performance-enhancing options. Then complete your thermal system with Minco sensors and controllers.
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Flexible Heaters Product Links

1 Introduction to Flexible Heaters from MINCO Introduction to Flexible Heaters
Selection, Design and Reference Guide. FAQ.

2 Silicone Rubber Insulated Heaters from MINCO

Silicone Rubber Insulated Etched Foil Heaters (235°C)
Foil element, commonly used for commercial and industrial applications.

3 Wire-Element Silicone Rubber Heaters from MINCO Wire-Element Silicone Rubber Heaters (235°C)
Rugged design, uniform heat, economical in large sizes up to 72" long

4 Expanded Element Heater Assemblies from MINCO Expanded Element Heater Assemblies (220°C)
Economical heater/sensor/controller plates up to 22" x 72"

5 Kapton Insulated Flexible Heaters from MINCO Kapton Insulated Etched Foil Flexible Heaters (200°C)
Thin, lightweight, high chemical resistance, foil element, commonly used for medical and aerospace.

6 Commercial Grade Kapton Heaters from MINCO Commercial Grade Etched Foil Kapton Heaters (100°C)
The benefits of a thin, etched foil element at a lower cost.

7 Kapton Heater/Sensors from MINCO Kapton Insulated Heater/Sensors (150°C)
Foil element combined with an accurate, stable RTD or thermistor sensor

8 All Polyimide Kapton Heaters from MINCO All Polyimide Etched Foil Kapton Heaters (260°C)
50% more power (80 watts per square inch) than standard Kapton heaters

9 Thermal-Clear Transparent Heaters Thermal-Clear Wire Element Transparent Heaters (120°C)
Fine wire element, clear insulation for LCD's, windows, and other shine-through applications

10 Mica Insulated Etched Foil Heaters from MINCO Mica Insulated Etched Foil Heaters (600°C)
Intense heat to 110 watts per square inch (17 W / cm2)
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11 Temperature Sensors For Flexible Heaters
The most commom miniature surface sensors and short probes used with Flexibe Heaters

12 Temperature Controllers and Thermostats
Economical bi-metal thermostats to full PID controls for heaters