PID Temperature Controller Minco CT16
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New Temperature Controller Meets Variety of Control Needs

Minco Products introduces a new programmable temperature controller designed for maximum versatility in OEM and end user applications. The controller, Model CT16, packs a wide range of control modes and programming options into a 1/16 DIN case. It can assume a variety of roles, from a simple indicating temperature alarm to sophisticated autotune PID control with dual setpoints. Optional fuzzy logic software draws on artificial intelligence techniques to improve control responsiveness in unpredictable or unstable systems.

The CT16 accepts input from three RTD or ten thermocouple types, all field selectable, and outputs via a 3.5 A solid state or mechanical relay. It can even control pressure, flow, pH, or other variables by means of 4 to 20 mA transmitter input. Other standard features include 100 to 240 VAC supply power, non-volatile memory, °C / °F display, ramp/soak, peak/valley, multilevel security, and many other options accessible from the waterproof front panel. An optional alarm can operate in high, low, absolute, or relative modes.

The CT16 complements Minco's established lines of temperature sensors and Thermofoil™ Heaters to form a systems approach to thermal control. Sensor types range from flexible Thermal-Ribbon(TM) surface sensors to ultra-stable 850°C platinum RTD's. Flexible, etched-foil heaters provide efficient heatup to 110 watts per square inch with mica insulationand can include integral sensors.

Additional options for the CT16 controller include process signal retransmission, four-in-one external setpoint select, RS-485 two-way communication, and 12 or 24 DC operating power.