Thin-Film RTD
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Minco Introduces New Family of Low-Cost Thin-Film RTD's

A new line of thin-film Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) elements offer platinum precision over the range -70 to 400°C or -70 to 600°C, depending on model. Priced to meet global competition, the new elements provide an accurate and economical alternative to wire-wound RTD's, thermistors, solid-state sensors, and thermocouples.

Available in base resistances of 100, 500, 1000, or 10,000 ohms, the elements conform to IEC 751 Class B tolerance (+/-0.12% at 0°C). Sizes range from a subminiature 2 x 2.3 mm (0.08" x 0.09") to 1.6 x 5 mm (0.06" x 0.20") and will fit a variety of probe diameters.

To simplify customer assembly operations, elements may be furnished with 2, 3, or 4 insulated extension wires in any length. Other packaging options include flat, fast responding Thermal-Ribbon(TM) sensors or industrial probes complete with fittings and transmitters.

Typical applications for the thin-film elements are probe assembly, HVAC, medical devices, ovens, environmental chambers, soldering irons, and circuit board mount.