Test Equipment From Simpson Electric

Test Equipment,Simpson,Electric

Simpson Electric has an extensive range of test equipment lines. From the general purpose VOM's to the environmental sound level testers, Simpson has the tester that will meet your requirements.

Test Equipment from Simpson Electric
Test Equipment,Simpson,Electric
Test Equipment,Simpson,Electric
Test Equipment,Simpson,Electric

VOM Multimeters

160 Compact VOM
160 Compact VOM Operator's Manual

260-6XLM & 260-6XLPM Low Ohms VOM
260-6XLM & 260-6XLPM Operator's Manual

260-8 & 260-8P VOM
260-8 Operator's Manual
260-8P Operator's Manual

260-8Xi & 260-8XPi Yellow Industrial VOM
260-8Xi Operator's Manual
260-8XPi Operator's Manual

270-5 & 270-5RT Extra-High Accuracy VOM
270-5 & 270-5RT Operator's Manual

260-9 & 260-9SP Industrial Safety VOM
260-9 & 260-9SP Operator's Manual

Test Equipment,Simpson,Electric

Sound and Noise Instruments/Systems

Simpson Type 2 sound level systems come in a variety of configurations to meet any noise measurement requirements. Each system is compsoed of several components designed to work together as one integrated test instrument and output jacks that will supply an AC RMS or DC Volt signal.

884-2 & 886-2 Sound Level Meters
Download 884-2 Operator's Manual
Download 886-2 Operator's Manual
Download 887-2 Operator's Manual

897 Sound Dosimeter/SMS-2 Kit
Download 897 Operator's Manual
Download 897 Quick Reference Sheet

Test Equipment,Simpson,Electric
Test Equipment,Simpson,Electric

Special Test Equipment

372-2 Ohmmeter
Download 372-2 Operator’s Manual

444-2 Micro-Ohmmeter
Download 444-2 Operator’s Manual

501 Insulation Tester
Download 501 Operator’s Manual

505 High Voltage Insulation Tester
Download 505 Operator’s Manual

8455 Line Loop Tester
TS113 Multimeter for Railroad Servicing

Test Equipment,Simpson,Electric

Test Equipment Accessories

150-2 AC Amp-Clamp Adapter (for Analog VOM's)
890-2 Sound Level Calibrator
Shunts, Test Leads, & Thermistors
Carrying Cases