New Products from Mod-Tronic Instruments Limited

Current Sensors / Switches / Transducers / Transmitters / Transformers

MOD-TRONIC proudly announces we are now a stocking distributor of NK Technologies Curent Switches, Current Transmitters, Voltage Transducers, Ground Fault Sensors, Current Indicators and Current Transformers. Their complete product offering can be found here. Make Mod-Tronic your sole source for reliable NK Technologies current sensing products. For 30+ years NK Technologies has been manufacturing a broad portfolio of over 1300 models of current sensing products. NK has the innovative product to meet your industrial and automation needs. No current sensing manufacturer offers more styles and variations. We stock NK Technologies current sensing products for quick shipment to North America and around the world.Call us today about any of your current sensing and/or monitoring applications!

MOD-TRONIC MT300 3 Channel Transformer Temperature Monitor

The MT300 provides users a completely programmable transformer temperature monitor and alarm with improved measurement range of -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572°F) and universal inputs of either 100? or 1000? Platinum RTDs or Types E or K thermocouples. The microprocessor-based design maintains accuracy over a wide range of temperatures and conducts regular self-checks to ensure correct operation. Additionally, one of the relay outputs is specifically designed for control of a cooling fan with a 30 Amp rating. The user-configurable fan exercise option extends the fan life and reduces bearing lock-up. The monitor is easily configured via MODBUS over a USB connection to your PC or MODBUS/RS-485 using the included PC software that also provides data logging.


MINCO CT224 12 Channel Temperature/Process Monitor

The CT224 consists of a 12-Channel Temperature Monitor and MincoSoft™ CT224 Software. It is the next generation in temperature monitoring equipment from Minco designed to meet the needs of electric machinery protection. The 12-channel scanning capability, standard RS485/RS232 interface and Windows-compatible software utility for system configuration and data logging provide overtemperature and undertemperature protection and critical feedback to safeguard expensive machinery.








Expanded line of Thermal-Tab™ RTD's from MINCO

A Thermal-TabTM RTD consists of a highly stable platinum or nickel resistance temperature detector (RTD) packaged in a low-cost flat body. The sensor is completely insulated and has rugged Teflon insulated leadwires in a standard length of 40 inches (1 meter).

Minco's family of Thermal-Tabs now includes models for higher temperature (260ºC/500ºF), fluid immersion, easy bolt-on mounting, and high sensitivity using 10,000 ohm platinum elements. In addition to platinum, most models are available with nickel curves to U.S. or DIN standards.

Many variations are available from stock for immediate shipment.


New solid state Chill-Out™ prevents low temperature damage

The new Chill-Out™ senses freezing temperatures within any 12 inch section along its length. It replaces fragile and difficult to install gas capillary tubes and their mechanical switches ("Freeze Stats"). Unlike the capillary tubes, this sensor can be installed horizontally or vertically or easily formed to fit any shaped system.

The sensor elements are available in a variety of styles including bendable aluminum tubing and ultra-flexible brass armor. The electronic shut off control can be mounted at the measuring point or within a central control box for convenient monitoring. An LED on the control box indicates a tripped condition, and a manual reset button allows the operator to quickly reinstate the system.

Standard models have a 41ºF set point with a DPDT relay; custom models can be ordered with any required trip point.



World's first dual zone control 1/32 DIN control from LOVE Controls!

The 32DZ Series temperature / process controls set a new standard in 1/32 DIN power, flexibility, and value.  Love Controls is proud to be the creator of the world’s first dual zone control in the 1/32 DIN size. This addition to the Love family of controls offers the highest levels of features at an economical price. Ease of use is assured from the creators of the world’s first dual display 1/32 DIN temperature /process control.

The 32DZ offers a semi-universal input (10 thermocouple types in one of two groups, an RTD type, and voltage and current types). Each zone offers a single set point with mechanical relay, 5 VDC pulsed output, or AC SSR. One of the two outputs may be a proportional 4 to 20 mA output that may be assigned to either zone 1 or zone 2. Standard features include independent Fuzzy Logic, Self-tune, and Peak/Valley indication for each zone. Process protection is provided by open sensor protection, shorted sensor protection, input rate of change protection, and loop break protection.

Options for the 32DZ include RS-485 Serial Communication and low voltage operation.  Designed and built in the USA, the 32DZ family of controls offers the highest levels of features, function, and quality available today.

MINCO All-Polyimide Heaters Operate to 260ºC

New Thermofoil™ heaters from Minco combine Kapton® insulation with polyimide adhesive to achieve a temperature rating of 260ºC (482ºF) — 50ºC higher than previously possible with Kapton heaters and 15ºC higher than silicone rubber heaters. The new construction, called "AP", allows 50% more power — 80 watts per square inch (13 watts per square centimeter) — for faster warm-up and rapid response to changing heat loads. The result is higher throughput in many thermal processes.

AP heaters are suitable for vacuum use with outgassing less than 0.01% collected volatile condensable material. They stand up to most processing and cleaning chemicals, making them an excellent choice for ultra-pure processes. Applications include semiconductor processing and test, avionics, packaging equipment, and graphics processors.

Heaters may be clamped to heat sinks or factory bonded with polyimide adhesives for complete thermal subassemblies.

Options include integral temperature sensors and flex-circuit interconnects. Heat patterns can be uniform or custom profiled for the specific application. Profiling adds extra heat at loss points to improve the uniformity of the temperature across the heater.